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Turkish Baths Harrogate - Local Knowledge

Turkish Baths Harrogate - Local Knowledge

The Turkish Baths Harrogate have been a port of call for people seeking a slice of relaxation since 1897. Its blend of history and modern spa treatments has grown to create a truly unique spa setting and one of a kind experience.

Visitors to Harrogate regularly choose to spend a few hours moving between the hot rooms and relaxing; surrounded by the beautiful architecture.

Our team enjoy offering a warm Yorkshire welcome to the countless visitors who come to the baths, either to take one of our tours or to enjoy the baths as a customer.  

A home from home

However, it is the regular customers from Harrogate, Knaresborough, Leeds and the surrounding towns who bring the friendly warmth to Turkish Baths Harrogate and make this gem shine bright.

The regular health benefits of the heating and cooling processes within the Turkish baths have stood the test of time and are well documented.  Our local customers are making the most of having the Turkish Baths on their doorstep and incorporating these benefits into their regular routines, for occasional, monthly or even weekly visits to relax and rejuvenate.

Relax More for Less

With our Course Card local customers can enjoy regular visits for less.

The Course Card allows you to buy 6 or 12 sessions for the Turkish Baths up front at an advantageous price, you then redeem them between Sundays and Thursdays either for yourself, or with a friend.  Our regular customers love the convenience and flexibility this offers.

When coupled with the significant range of treatments on hand this allows customers to indulge in luxury face and body treatments, relax with soothing massages or keep up appearances with nail and other maintenance treatments.

A haven of relaxation

Many customers have also slipped into the habit of popping in for a coffee and just enjoying the sense of relaxation that we put into everything we do.

Unlike other destination spas and experiences, we have created a unique blend of heritage in a town centre setting that places Turkish Baths Harrogate above normal spa and treatment experiences. Not many places can boast an oasis of calm only metres from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant town centre. 

So when you visit Harrogate take advantage of a local secret and remember that, within minutes, you can be surrounded by beautiful architecture and feel a million miles away from very day life at Turkish Baths Harrogate.



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