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Create a Latin party at home

Create a Latin party at home

Usually at this time of year we’d be planning our summer holiday, shopping for clothes and spending time with friends. Obviously at the moment we’re unable to do any of this and we’re all a little unsure when we will be able to again.

When you dine at Las Iguanas, we aim to transport you to Latin America – playing holiday songs with the menu stacked full of delicious dishes, all washed down with a huge range of 2FOR1 cocktails. While we can’t look forward to this just yet, we’ve put together recipes for one of our signature cocktails and our famous Xinxim as well as a fantastic Spotify playlist to listen to while you imagine you’re exploring the streets of Rio.

Labelled as Brazilian football legend Pele's favourite dish, Xinxim is a real staple of our Latin American line-up & deserves all its glory as Brazil's signature curry dish… it really is perfect for any party! Take your loved ones on a flavourful adventure to the shores of Brazil with our fabulous recipe; lime chicken in a crayfish & peanut sauce, served with spring onion, garlic & coriander rice & fine green beans.

Get the recipe here

The international fame of this drink is due in part to the famous bar La Bogadita in old Havana, which became the spiritual home of this drink. The bar still produces hundreds of these classics every day. The Cuban Mojito is slightly more rustic than we are used to in the UK, however our recipe is essentially the same as that served across Cuba.

Get the recipe here

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