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The Great Knaresborough Bed Race 2020 - Unplugged

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race 2020 - Unplugged

Bed Race 2020 goes virtual

by Amanda George (Public Relations Officer, Knaresborough Lions)

Header image is cropped from the painting: Knaresborough Bed Race by Jim Sykes (courtesy of Art in the Mill)

The preparation for this year’s Great Knaresborough Bed Race, which is to take place on Saturday 13th June, is turning out to be a very different experience from usual for the Knaresborough Lions. In normal years, it’s all about communicating with teams and sponsors, getting large amounts of equipment to the right places at the right times, deploying hundreds of marshals, and working with the council, police, paramedics, the fire service, rescue divers, radio operators and many others to make this huge event run smoothly.

This year it’s completely different. We nearly didn’t have a Bed Race – in fact, when we cancelled it back in March, we thought that was the end of it for this year. But then ideas started to bubble up, and we dared to think that we might be able to give people something to look forward to after all.

The Knaresborough Lions aren’t the most experienced bunch when it comes to creating virtual events (although you should see us erect a gazebo in no time flat!) so we were very happy when Sirastudio of Harrogate offered to use their know-how to make both the parade and race happen. We’re also working with Stray FM on the broadcasting of the event.

The build-up started early with Bed Race fans sharing their favourite memories and pictures on our Facebook page. Next households were asked to ‘Make Your Bed’: decorate a bed according to the theme ‘What I’m looking forward to…’ and film themselves looking as if they were in the parade.

Looking Forward to the Future by Darian Bridge

People were also asked to send mock-up race videos. This is the one time when you didn't need any level of fitness or training to feature in the race – which is perhaps disappointing for some of our usual competitors, but a boon for those who are not quite at the peak of their fitness!

People’s parade and race clips will be inserted into footage to be shown on the big day.

We’re also planning other activities for all the family to enjoy on the day, including fitness sessions to join in with from home.

We really hope that local people, and everyone who loves Bed Race, will enjoy the event this year as much as we’re enjoying preparing it!

See the latest updates, and join in with the Bed Race banter, at https://www.facebook.com/Bedrace/. And be sure to tune in to the event on Saturday 13th June – you might even see yourself in it!

And don't worry, we are sure that we will be bringing you the real thing complete with river crossing again next year.

Image credit: Andrew Hawkes



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