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Treat yourself to a spa experience at home

We have all spent too many hours in our homes over the last weeks, often thinking about the other places that we would rather be. Many of us wishing that we could escape for some quality relaxation, world class spa treatments, pampering and treats.

Harrogate has long been known as a destination for anyone seeking a refined break to restore their health and wellbeing through a combination of historic charms and modern accommodation. Most trips will include a visit to the town’s Turkish Baths with original Moorish décor and contemporary spa treatments, a walk through the beautiful gardens and afternoon tea or gin cocktails to sustain your retail therapy.

While it is still possible to plan your future trip to Harrogate, we have some ideas for creating a spa experience in your own home now. (All suppliers listed are available online).


Dim the lighting to create the right atmosphere with a scented candle or two, perhaps from Inger & Rae in the beautiful Westminster Arcade.


Treat yourself to a long soak in the bath with your favourite luxurious products. We love award winning bath products from H2K, like their Aromatic Skin Sensitive Rescue Pack. Take a favourite book, magazine or podcast in the bath with you and lie back for maximum relaxation.


Sip a gin cocktail to ease those troubles away. Try one of these recipes from Spirit of Harrogate or experiment with fresh herbs known for their restorative properties.


Recreate your own afternoon tea – or better still have another member of your household serve one to you. Go all out with your best china. Quality tea, coffee and the all-important cakes can be ordered from Betty’s for your authentic Harrogate experience.

We hope that this at home experience will rejuvenate you and give you a taste of Harrogate at home.

E-vouchers for the Turkish Baths are available for purchase online now for future use and we look forward to welcoming you to Harrogate soon.