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Nature shows the way

A Natural Haven

What better to way to learn about and experience the natural world than to be guided by experts who can take you right to the best places to see remarkable species? Wetland bird reserves and peat moorlands guarantee a range of waders and while curlew and oyster catchers are reliable regulars, the passing migrations means a number of other rarities are frequently spotted.

Natural Science

The events organised across our beautiful and rural area do not just cover nature, but also the scientific topics of the natural world, including talks on the science and evolution of the landscape and its moorlands.

Eye Stars

Dark Sky Events

Through the winter months there are frequent events offering visitors a greater understanding of the sky at night, and what to look out for.

The Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has fantastically dark skies that truly showcase the majesty of the night sky.

A number of events take place through the year that includes talks and photography and knowledgeable experts who can introduce you to the sky.

Natural Wonder

With a number of ancient woods, many of which are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the flora and habitats to be seen are wonderful. In May, carpets of bluebells turn the woodland floor into a carpet of vivid blue, and a number of walks and events are held to allow people to enjoy this spectacular sight without worrying about finding the right wood at the right time.

Fighting Stags

Guided through Nature

Guided nature walks reveal the range of birds around the woods or moors with local experts sparing you the pressure of hastily flicking through the bird book to identify that bunting or plover.

Instead, you can enjoy the spectacle as skylarks and northern lapwings dive and swoop above you. Alternatively, you may glimpse the crueller side of nature as peregrine falcons, buzzards and kites search for carrion and prey.

While you may find deer tracks in many of the local woods only those up early, or particularly lucky will see them out in the woods. Deer walk events allow you to glimpse these graceful creatures up close, learn about how the herds are cared for and in autumn, witness the savage clash as the antlered males battle for supremacy.

Events are added to the pages all the time so if you are visiting in the future be sure to check back soon.

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